Claire Sweeney talks money, property and splurging on buggies

Claire Sweeney, actress and Magic Radio presenter, is best familiar for her position as Lindsey Corkhill in Brookside. In 2012, she wrote her first musical play intercourse in Suburbia and recently accomplished touring with it around the country.

Now forty four, she gave birth to her first baby – her son, Jaxon – ultimate year, after a long time of making an attempt and two miscarriages, and is presently living in Pimlico, south London.

We got cling of her to speak cash:

What become your biggest cash mistake?

purchasing a apartment in Bodrum, Turkey that I by no means use. I purchased it seven or eight years in the past as an investment and a vacation domestic. i thought I’d reside in it, however I’ve never been there. I hire it out in its place, and currently I’ve been trying to promote it. I paid €220,000 (£160,000) for it and it’s worth about the identical now. I want I’d just purchased yet another flat in London instead.

What was your smartest funds flow?

the key to a more comfortable future?

buying my home in London. The enhance is like nowhere else. It’s remarkable. I purchased a 4-storey, 4-bedroom townhouse in Pimlico in 2005 for £1.2 million. It’s doubtless doubled on the grounds that then, confidently. I truly love Pimlico. I think it’s a very good area and i love the neighborhood here.

finest funds assistance ever been given?

It became from my agent, Jonathan Shalit. He talked me into purchasing my first flat in London, in 2001. He referred to: “Stretch yourself, since you’ll find the cash in some way – and it will be value it in the long run.” I’ve still acquired that flat and that i see it as [my son] Jaxon’s. It’s handy to employ out and if I need to sell that flat, it is going to aid me to aid Jaxon. it will take care of him.


Do you consider property’s a superb investment?

sure, specially in London. I’ve acquired a few flats in Liverpool and the increase hasn’t been as tremendous as London and not as short as London. however it’s introduced me a lot of pleasure, my vicinity in Liverpool. I had my child up there. I live up there an awful lot and i love it.

What’s your right money-saving tip?

Write it all down

Write down what you spend. There’s many a time I look at my purse and that i suppose: Oh my God, I’ve been robbed! after which I understand I’ve misplaced song of what I’ve bought during the day or over the past few days. Bits and items just go and mount up, don’t they? So maintain a notice of what you spend – in any other case it could possibly simply run faraway from you.

Do you preserve track of what you spend?

now not as an awful lot as I should!

How plenty funds do you always take out of the money machine?


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Roughly how many of your earnings do you spend and what number do you store?

I are trying to do 50/50 – however it doesn’t always work. I’ve acquired a money ISA however I’m just a little of a splurger. I’ll be actually decent for a long time after which I’ll go a little bit bonkers on outfits or some thing. I used to splurge on me, but now it’s on Jaxon.

What have you ever purchased Jaxon these days?

I received him a pram – a Bugaboo runner – so I could go working within the park with him. He absolutely loves it. I additionally purchase him Ralph Lauren, but I combine it with Primark stuff so I don’t feel too guilty.

Liverpool Echo Claire Sweeney with her 10 week old baby son Jaxon

Claire Sweeney with Jaxon in the dressing room on the Liverpool Empire Theatre before Claire goes on stage starring in Aladdin

How an awful lot do you store into your money ISA?

It varies, but last yr I put £5,000 in.

How a whole lot do you tip?

It depends on the provider. If I consider the provider is specifically decent, I’ll tip 15% to 20%.

What’s the most costly thing you have ever bought (aside from a property)?

My vehicle. It’s a Mercedes ML500, which can charge about £35,000. I purchased it final year. i was visiting so I essential a large car that turned into good value, comfy and secure for me and the baby. It’s a ravishing vehicle to pressure. It’s desirable.

Do you supply consistently to charities?

Claire Sweeney holds Kenco coffee morning for Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Claire Sweeney holds espresso morning for Macmillan World’s largest coffee Morning

yes. Giving to charity is essential to me. I’ve been involved with Claire house babies’s Hospice, near Wirral, considering that i used to be 14. during the past, I’ve given my wages from a considerable number of jobs to them. I give them loads of time as neatly. I’m additionally involved with Queenie’s Christmas Charity in Liverpool. every Christmas morning, i go alongside and help to serve Christmas lunch for them.

have you ever got anything put away for retirement?

yes, a percentage of my wages goes into my pension once I do a musical or a exhibit and the show additionally contributes in opposition t it. I began that once i was in Brookside, when i used to be 26. I don’t pay into it when I’m not working. I don’t understand how a whole lot is in there, but it’s under £a hundred,000. My property’s my pension – that’s how I see it.

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